Dundas Castle

Real Wedding: Sydney and Colby, August 2017

On the 16th of August 2017, Sydney and Colby made their vows to each other at Dundas Castle and became Mr and Mrs Dundas. Colby and Sydney left behind plans of a large wedding in California, for their intimate fairy-tale wedding in Scotland. Colby Dundas wanted...

Real Wedding: Gina and Michael, September 2017

Gina and Michael travelled to Scotland from America for their royal wedding themed day. Gina had a passion for British history which inspired her to design a wedding dress based on Queen Elizabeth's 1953 Coronation dress. They decorated Dundas beautifully, filling the main hall and...

Real Wedding: Rachel and Garrett, May 2018

Rachel and Garrett travelled from America with 20 guests to celebrate their wedding. Their day was incredibly special with their ceremony being conducted by their good friend who was officiated for the day. They said their vows on the front lawn with the Castle as...

Real Event: Derek Parker 90th birthday, June 2018

 We had the pleasure of welcoming Derek Parker and his family and friends to stay at Dundas for two nights to celebrate his 90th birthday. They enjoyed a range of activities throughout the daytime including Falconry, Clay Pigeon Shooting, 4 x 4 Driving and Whisky...

Seasonal Celebrations- Winter Weddings

Ever thought about having a winter wedding? December, January and February have gorgeous low lighting which can lend themselves to a couple to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a wedding day.  We have highlighted some reasons why a winter wedding can exceed...

Real Event: Manpower UK Ltd, March 2018

Manpower UK Ltd, March 2018 We were delighted to welcome Manpower UK Ltd to Dundas Castle in March 2018 for an awards event. The management team at Manpower were looking to reward their employees who had performed exceptionally well with a special corporate away day. The...


ScotlandShop is a luxury tartan tailoring company, their headquarters are based in the Scottish Borders and their Flagship store is in Edinburgh’s West End at 10 Queensferry Street. They recently took a trip to Dundas Castle to use a variety of our spaces to get striking...

Seasonal Celebrations- Autumn Weddings

Every year more wedding couples are considering different seasons other than Summer to find the perfect date to say 'I do'. We thought we would give you a hand by showing how stunning your wedding day could be at any point of the year. Summer...

The 12 Days of Christmas – Behind the Scenes

Hopefully by now you will have seen our Dundas take on the 12 Days of Christmas. We wanted to give you a peek at how the video came together. The day started bright and early at 7.15am with Rachel, our marketing assistant, and Luke and Simon...

edible plant pots
Edible flower pots; not a challenge for our chefs!
edible plant pot What better way to get a taste of the start of spring…   At the start of every year we like to pop out to our clients with a wee gift to say thank you for their continued support.  As self-confessed 'foodies', we work with our exclusive catering partner ‘Prestige Venues and Events’ to create edible treats relating to a particular theme.  This year we heralded the start of spring by creating an edible plant pot!
morning on the loch
Dundas Castle to play host to future sporting disciplines
Dundas Loch for swwimmingHere at Dundas Castle we have always been proud supporters of health and wellbeing in society. One such example of our support was announced this morning.  In light of the major sporting events taking place in Scotland this summer, Dundas was asked to play host to future sporting disciplines right here on the estate.  These are to include judo, synchronised swimming and dressage.
Courtyard area
Dundas Castle. Memories from the 1970s
Courtyard Cottage area pre-refurbishment‘Dundas Castle’ has seen some spectacular events since the Auld Keep was built in 1416. When a new member of the team joins us, Sir Jack takes them on a history tour of the Auld Keep and Castle.  It is from this tour that we each learn about some of the major events in the Castle’s past and also some stories from Sir Jack’s family who have owned the Estate since 1899. Before Sir Jack took over the Estate upon the death of his mother in 1997, the Castle was divided and let out as apartments.  We had the absolute pleasure of being contacted by Nigel Hilton, who stayed here in what is now the Courtyard Cottage bedroom area of the Castle as a young man from 1976-1979.
menu tasting 2013
Menu tasting 2013: Another delicious year…
It was the time of year we had all been waiting for -  the annual menu tasting...   Each year we sample some of the dishes that we offer our clients so that when it comes to the planning of an event, whether it's a family celebration, a wedding or a conference, we are able to give first hand advice on what food and wine combinations may work best.  Each March the new menu is released and it is great to see all of our hard work come together.  Our team works closely with the head chefs at Prestige Venues and Events to create innovative and inspiring dishes.  Our wine supplier, Bibendum, offer a fantastic selection of the finest wines and you, our guests can enjoy it!
The A to Z of Dundas: ‘C’ is for charity!
Here at the Castle we enjoy supporting different charities throughout the year.  In the past we’ve made a little Princess’ dream come true with Make-A-Wish and even ‘launched’ a new boat for the RNLI.  The most recent charity we supported is one that’s close to our hearts and is the topic of this ‘C’ blog…  Comic Relief.
The A to Z of Dundas: ‘B’ is for Boathouse
Nestled on the side of its own private loch, our Boathouse has been providing utter tranquillity and peace for honeymooners, anniversary couples, or those who simply want to get away from it all, since it opened it’s doors to the public over a decade ago. The charms of the Boathouse have gained it a large and ever growing following, but few know of its interesting history...
Introducing the A to Z of Dundas.. ‘A’ is for ‘Apollo’.
Starting today, we take you behind the scenes and under the skin of Dundas, with our new 'A to Z' series, highlighting the remarkable, the ancient, the unexpected and the overlooked aspects of this historic venue. We begin the series with 'A' -for 'Apollo'. Apollo was the mythical Greek god of music, poetry and the sun, amongst many other things. One of his more obscure areas of responsibility was over herds and flocks, which is perhaps why this name was chosen for our Apollo, the senior male in our twenty strong flock of Llamas! To find out more about these curious creatures, and how they came to make the elegant surroundings of Dundas Castle their home, read on..
Disney and Dundas -a match made in movie heaven
Regular followers of this blog will know that here at Dundas we are always up for a challenge! So when Disney contacted us and said they wanted to promote soon to be released  ‘Brave’ by filming four TV specials here, featuring four different casts of international teen stars, in three different languages, and all in three days, we naturally jumped at the chance! To find out what happened, read on..