Estate animals

There are a variety of animals that call the Dundas estate home. From those who are wild to our friendly pets; let us introduce you to the extended Dundas family.

Dundas Llamas

After Sir Jack took in a family of llamas from a good friend a number of years ago, the herd have made themselves at home in a field overlooking the Castle. Many couples have chosen to have the llamas in their wedding photographs to add a quirky memory to the collection of images. Some of our clients have even chosen to have llama themed events following inspiration from our resident herd.

The group currently consists of five ladies; Adelita, Conchita, Mel, Natasha and Rosie. We are currently looking for a male to increase group numbers and try to have some baby llamas at Dundas.

Bark and Beech

The owners of Dundas Castle, Sir Jack and Lady Stewart-Clark, have always had a love for dogs with a number of four-legged friends having resided in the Castle with them over the years. We currently just have two beautiful golden retrievers, Bark and Beech.

We can’t think of a better place to roam free, with beautiful walks down by the loch and around the estate woodlands.


There is a great variety of wildlife that can be found around the estate which can be spotted during your stay. Take a walk down by the loch to see swans, geese, mallards, herons and other birds. You may also see some badgers, deer or foxes during your exploration.

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