Pancake recipe

Pancake recipe

Today is Shrove Tuesday and Frances delighted some of her sales appointments with a gift of fresh pancakes and homemade lemon curd.  They went down so well that we thought we would share our Executive Head Chef Trevor’s recipe so that you can enjoy your own!

Trevor’s Pancake Recipe

Makes as many or as little as you like depending on your frying pan size.


300g self raising flour (to give them a bit of lift)
3 free range eggs
150g sugar
250g milk
40g melted unsalted butter


1.    Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, add the sugar then make a well in the centre of the flour and sugar and crack the eggs into it.
2.    Whisk the eggs and flour together making sure you catch any flour from the sides of the bowl.
3.    Gradually add the milk to the mixture whisking continuously.  Don’t worry about lumps forming as these will disappear when you keep whisking.  Once all the liquid has been added scrape any flour left around the side of the bowl into the mixture then keep whisking until the batter is smooth.
4.    Add 2tbsp of the melted butter (keep the rest to one side) and whisk the butter into the batter mix.
5.    Grease your frying pan with the leftover melted butter.
6.    Heat your frying pan over a high heat (you will be able to see the butter sizzling when it’s hot) and once it is heated then turn the heat down to medium.
7.    Test the temperature again by ladling a drop of the mixture into the pan and the batter should solidify almost immediately – you know it’s then ready.
8.    Remove the test pancake and using your ladle pour your preferred amount into the pan, tip the pan to roll the batter into your required size of pancake.
9.    Leave to cook and when you see bubbles forming on the top side and its golden brown underneath; use either a palette knife or fish slice to flip it over (or of you’re really brave – two hands on the handle of the pan and with a wee flick toss the pancake over.
10.    Cook for a minute on the other side and slide it out onto a warm plate.  Keeping the pancakes warm stack them as you make them with a piece of greaseproof paper in between each (stops them sticking)
11.    Serve and enjoy with the topping of your choice (we like a teaspoon of zesty lemon curd and some clotted cream)

If you do try the recipe at home please tell us all about it!  [email protected]

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