Ten tips to begin wedding planning

19 Feb Ten tips to begin wedding planning

got engagedWe’ve been feeling the love this week in the office having chatted to lots of newly engaged couples in a post valentine bliss! This initial stage is full of exciting ‘firsts’, getting to tell friends and family your big news and dipping your toes into the first stages of wedding planning. One of our lovely team members, Kara, is newly engaged and reminded us that amongst the whirlwind it can all feel overwhelming sometimes too, so between Kara, our wedding coordinators, Lisa and Morvern, and operations manager, Alyson, we pulled together some advice to help you become your own wedding project manager.

  1. Breathe – we all unanimously agreed on this one
  2. Shout about it and tell everyone!
  3. Once the dust has settled… let the planning begin. Don’t feel you have to jump right into it, give yourself time
  4. Kara found that it felt daunting looking at your wedding as one big event, breaking things down and dealing with each part step by step really helps. Having a rough idea of what time frame is a good starting point as you can prioritise what needs booked now and what can wait until nearer the time
  5. Choose one or two magazines to pull ideas and inspiration from – you don’t need every single bridal magazine, it becomes confusing! We love Scottish Wedding Directory and Tie The Knot. They have some great real life wedding features as well as hints and tips to help you plan
  6. Try not to let your wedding become all consuming as it takes the enjoyment away. Give yourself days off to focus on other things and have some down time
  7. Lisa LOVES pinterest. She says it’s great for finding unique ideas and building a vision of your wedding but the trick is to try and not let ‘pinning’ become an addiction – many hours of sleep can be lost in a pinterest haze!
  8. Decide on the crucial details of your day as this will help you plan everything else. Alyson thinks the areas to look at are: season, numbers, ceremony type and location. However don’t worry if this is not exact, things change but having a general outline will allow you to build around this
  9. Too many cooks spoil the broth. This doesn’t mean don’t ask for advice or listen when it is offered but ultimately your day comes down to you and your partner. The great thing about having wedding coordinators at Dundas is that they are able to give advice based on a wealth of experience and are an outside source away from the immediate people involved in your wedding
  10. ENJOY IT. Wedding planning is fun, embrace it and savour every minute. Not only will you have an amazing day you can enjoy at the end of it all but you’ll be proud of what you have put together!

B&G sunset castle cropIf you would like to find out about holding your wedding with us at Dundas Castle, get in touch here. We would love to hear about your plans.


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