Bon voyage ma chair

15 Mar Bon voyage ma chair

One of our hallway chairs is leaving today to embark on a road trip to Skye.  Our chair was talent spotted by Edinburgh based Locations 365 who provide location and production services for TV ads, films and events.  Locations 365 were charged with finding a high backed solid wooden chair that is to be used in a Whisky advert for a Lithuanian client.

The team at Dundas Castle is delighted with the new found fame of our chair and are proud of its accomplishment.  The remaining 3 high backed solid wooden chairs that reside in the hallway are equally as thrilled.  It is quite a change for our chair that is used to delighting our guests with its stunning, intricate detailing and providing light relief for passers-by in the hallway.

Thank you to Vikki McCraw from Locations 365 for the images below of our chair in action…

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