Save the Date – James and Adam

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Save the Date

Save th’ Dates!

James and I are excited tae announce our wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2019.

Please save the dates June 23-24th for the Bridle and arrive on June 21st for extended festivities if you can, as we prepare to tie the knot at Dundas Castle in Bonnie Auld Reekie.

More details and formal invitations to follow.


Oor Engagement

As many of you know, last October James surprised me with a private trip to Maui for the two of us. We’ve been speaking about getting engaged for some time but had not formalized anything. I got my grandmother’s engagement ring cleaned and brought it along just in case. While walking through the hotel artist shops, we saw a ring that called to both of us and I knew it was exactly what we were looking for. We took a walk and decided that this was the one ring unique enough to be his engagement ring, but we hadn’t discussed when or where. I decided that two rings were an appropriate gesture. One ring honoring the past and the traditional engagement, while the other one represented how unique and special he is to me.

After we decided to get the unique ring, I decided it was time to pop the question. I broke away from James and slid back into the hotel jewellery store we had been perusing earlier that morning. The saleswoman agreed to put my grandmother’s ring in the showcase, so I hurried up to the room to get it. I made it back down and snuck back into the store.

I recollected James who was ready to attack me for being away for so long and asked him to accompany me back to the jewellery store. Naturally suspicious, he obliged me, and we went back to the store. The saleswoman showed James my grandmother’s ring and I said I really liked it on him. Being the expert on jewellery, James proceeded to ask about the diamond’s karat size, gold weight, and why this one didn’t have a tag on it. I knew the jig was up and so I got down on one knee, said something endearing, and asked for his hand in marriage. After a moment James, who was speechless, said yes! We went back to the artist stand and purchased the unique ring; the hard part was over, and we just enjoyed the rest of the day with sparkling wines and rose petals. James insisted that I also needed a pair of rings, so who was I to argue?

The whole week felt like an early honeymoon and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We decided to close this stage of our relationship with yet another magical romantic trip. James wanted to get married in a castle so again, who was I to argue? Please join us in Scotland and watch us git merrit in a castle!


The Parteeculars

When:       The wedding will take place on Monday June 24, 2019 but lodging at the castle will begin on Sunday June 23, 2019. Since this is a private residence we will book the rooms and coordinate room rates individually – more to come.

Where:      Dundas Castle, South Queensferry, Edinburgh, EH30 9SP

Pre-Wedding:    We are encouraging everyone to arrive Friday June 21, 2019 before the event. We will be organizing a few fun activities for the two days leading up to our wedding in the Edinburgh City Center. More details about lodging and the activities will be coming.

Please start looking at flights as soon they are available (Dundas is a short 10 minutes from the Edinburgh Airport)!


Can’t Make it?  We are aware that a destination wedding places a commitment on our guests for time and finances and while we would love for you to be at our celebration to witness our nuptials, if the commitment is too great at this time we fully understand if you cannot attend. Please know that you will still be with us in our hearts on our special day.

If you already know you cannot make it, please let us know so that we can plan for guests who we could not fit in this limited venue.

Once we return State-side, we will have a smaller party to celebrate at our home in New Jersey.

Dundas Castle Scottish Weddings Exclusive Edinburgh Venue

Dundas Castle. Exclusively Ours