Marmalade making at the Castle, by Jill Price

Marmalade making at the Castle, by Jill Price

With Stephen Frost the Prestige Venues and Events Executive Chef at the helm, members of the office team were delighted to be taught how to make the delicious marmalade that we serve to our guests.  Jill documented their experiences and this is what she had to say…

“We thoroughly enjoyed our learning curve in the kitchen with Stephen, and the ‘fruits’ of our time there were absolutely delicious!

An Ode to Marmalade

Juicy, juicy oranges within a large pot
Cover up with water, and boil up the lot
With silver foil upon it, to keep in all the heat
We’re making orange marmalade, I cannot wait to eat!

A changeover of water, and bring back to the boil
From this we keep a pint aside, and then discard the foil.
Time to chop and slice the fruit, keeping it quite coarse
De-seed the pips, a messy job; they’ll come without much force.

Tie these in a muslin bag and pop back in the water
Add the sugar, boil again until it gets much hotter.
Stir it until setting point, this bit can get quite tricky
Take off the heat and leave to sit, and boy is it real sticky!

Pour into some sterile jars, and fill up to the rim
A tasty pot of richness almost bursting out the brim,
Stand back, admire the handiwork and all of it homemade
Then spread upon some fresh hot toast – enjoy your Marmalade!”

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