Themed Parties

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Arranging a memorable party needn’t be murder

It’s 1953 and you and your guests are dining at the exquisite Dundas Castle. To make it an extraordinary evening, you decided to hire some actors to entertain you all as you dine. Laurence Blossom Hill brings with him his wife, Agnes, his faithful dresser, Fred, and their friends Julieanne and Sylvester.

You are about to enjoy your delicious dinner in the chandelier-lit dining room when an argument breaks out between the actors… and in a shocking sequence of events, there is a murder! Your role has now changed. Rather than merely being a guest of the Castle, you are now in charge of finding out ‘whodunit’. The Murder Mystery continues throughout the evening and guests are split into teams to try to work out who committed this heinous crime.

This is a wonderful highlight of an event here at Dundas.  The Georgian dining room, opulent Drawing Room and cosy Library make the perfect setting for your evening.  Whether you are planning a celebratory dinner or an overnight stay in our luxurious bedrooms, a dining experience is made even more unforgettable by inviting these additional ‘guests’ to your party!

Please speak to one of our event planners about your evening so that we can ensure that the theme and story fits your experience perfectly.

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