Tom Beauchamp, head chef
Meet your chef – Tom Beauchamp
Tom BeauchampPrestige Venues and Events are our dedicated caterers who we work closely with to offer a unique dining experience here at Scotland's most beautiful Castle. In this blog we talk to one of our newest chefs, the award winning Tom Beauchamp, about his passion for food and the menus that he created exclusively for us here at Dundas Castle.  If you have any of your own questions please feel free to contact us!
menu tasting 2013
Menu tasting 2013: Another delicious year…
It was the time of year we had all been waiting for -  the annual menu tasting...   Each year we sample some of the dishes that we offer our clients so that when it comes to the planning of an event, whether it's a family celebration, a wedding or a conference, we are able to give first hand advice on what food and wine combinations may work best.  Each March the new menu is released and it is great to see all of our hard work come together.  Our team works closely with the head chefs at Prestige Venues and Events to create innovative and inspiring dishes.  Our wine supplier, Bibendum, offer a fantastic selection of the finest wines and you, our guests can enjoy it!
Castle Couture: Jane Davidson Boutique & Dundas Castle

Any luxury product depends on people who understand that true quality and personal service are worth their weight in gold. This is true of Dundas Castle, and it is also true of Edinburgh boutique Jane Davidson– purveying designer label clothes to the fashion conscious ladies of Edinburgh since 1969.

Find out more about Lady Lydia's favourite boutique by reading on...

Disney and Dundas -a match made in movie heaven

Regular followers of this blog will know that here at Dundas we are always up for a challenge! So when Disney contacted us and said they wanted to promote soon to be released  ‘Brave’ by filming four TV specials here, featuring four different casts of international teen stars, in three different languages, and all in three days, we naturally jumped at the chance! To find out what happened, read on..

Delicious new menus 2012: Our team’s tasting highlights

Running a five star exclusive venue keeps us on our toes, so it is nice when we can benefit from some of the perks! Undoubtedly, one of these is the annual menu tasting, where award winning Executive Head Chef of Prestige Venues and Events Trevor Garden comes to the Castle to showcase the coming year’s bespoke menu, and a delighted Dundas team get to sample the results –purely to give their professional appraisal of course!

Dishes served at Dundas must not only compliment the surroundings and delight both the eye and the palate; they must be suitable for a wide variety of events, from gala dinners for 200, to intimate boathouse dinners just for two. Having digested the dishes, some of the team gave their opinion on their ‘dream menu’ for a specific type of event. Warning: do not read this post if you’re feeling hungry!

Mouthwatering menus, exclusively yours!

Each year we spend a lot of time working with Prestige Venues and Events to create a menu that will not only work well here at the Castle, but will excite and enthral our clients.  Many of our dishes have been created specifically for Dundas and are very well received by our guests!

Team building at the Castle

There has been a lot of activity on the estate this summer – literally. The combination of the wonderful weather, our new outdoor BBQ and buffet menus and the fantastic team building companies that we work with have led to many successful corporate and private activity days.

Singing from the roof tops (almost)

At Dundas we like to ‘tick boxes’.   If you were to ask the Dundas team members which boxes the installation of our new minstrels' gallery would ‘tick’ you’d get a few different answers…

Mairi MacSween Designs

Guest Blogger - Mairi MacSween, Mairi MacSween Designs.

About Mairi MacSween Designs.

I design and create handmade stationery for weddings or corporate events including invites, reply cards, order of service, menus, place cards and table plans. Based in a studio in Leith, the stationery incorporates my own photography and illustration and is handmade using the finest quality of materials. Established eight years ago, my reputation is built on the distinctive designs, high quality stationery and personal service. I accept commissions from throughout the UK.


Guest Blogger - Shoena Fryer, Maximillion.

About Maximillion.

With 22 years of event management experience, Maximillion has delivered some 5500 corporate events and hosted over a quarter of a million guests.  Across a spectrum of conferences, team building and learning & development, these events are delivered from our offices in Edinburgh at venues across Scotland, the UK and beyond.  Our team is passionate, knowledgeable, innovative and flexible, and we pride ourselves in our high standards, friendliness and professionalism.  We are also proud of our many awards and accreditations and of our reputation as early adopters of sustainable business practices in the corporate event management industry.